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Christian Holy Sites

Baptist House Center
Adress: 4 Narkiss St.
English Services: Sun. 10:45, 17:30
Bible Study: Sun. 09:45
Prayer Meeting: Wed. 13:30
Tel: +972-2-625-5942

Christ Church (Anglican)
Adress: Jaffa Gate Old City
English Services: Sun. 09:30, 16:30, 18:30
Prayer Meeting: Tue. 18:15
Messianic Congregation in Hebrew: Sat. 15:30
Also monthly Saturday evening Healing Seminars includes refreshments and testimonies 19:30
Tel: +972-2-627-7727

Church of God Pentecostal
Adress: Mount of Olives near Commodore Hotel
English Services: Sun. 10:30
Tel: +972-2-627-3899

Church of God Seventh Day
Adress: 18 Ein Rogel St.
English Services: Sat. 11:00
Tel: +972-2-673-1347

Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Initially built by the Emporor Constantine in 335 AD. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher has been destroyed many times in various wars over the years. The Church was most recently renovated in 1996.
There are services in many languages for further information call the Christian Information Center from 08:30-13:00.
Adress: 1 Helena St., Old City
Tel: +972-2-627-2692

Dabra Gannat Ethiopian Monastery
Tel: +972-2-628-6871

Danish Lutheran Church
Danish Services held in St. John's Chapel (Redeemer Church) once a month.
Tel: +972-2-532-4254 Rev. Jan Mortensen

Dormition Church
Adress: Mount Zion near Zion Gate
German Services in : Sun. 09:00 weeksays 07:00 Vespers 18:15
Tel: +972-2-5655330

East Jerusalem Baptist Church
Adress: Ali Ibn Taleb St. Near the Ritz Hotel
English Services: Sun. 10:00
Tel: +972-2-274-1190

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension (Augusta Victoria Kamer)
Adress: Mount of Olives
Open to the Public: 09:00-17:00 Mon.-Sat.
Tel: +972-2-628-7704

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission
Adress: 25 Shivtei Israel St.
Finnish Services: First Sat. of each month 16:00
Hebrew Services: Sat. 10:00 Call to confirm
Tel: +972-628-8631

Franciscaines de Marie Catholic Church
Adress: 9 Nablus Rd.
French Services: Sun. 09:00 Weekdays 18:00
Spanish Services: Sun. 11:00
Tel: +972-2-627-6876 or 626-0166

French Protestant Church
French Services: Friday 17:30 at the Scottish Church of St. Andrew on David Remez St.
Tel: +972-2-774-3297

German Hospice / St. Charles
Adress: 12 Lloyd St.
German Services: Sun. 08:00 Weekdays: 17:00
Tel: +972-2-563-7737 or 563-5945

Gethsemane Basilica
Adress: Mount of Olives near Tomb of Mary
Italian Services: Everyday 06:00
Latin Services: Sun. and Tue. 16:00
Tel: +972-2-628-3264

Greek Catholic Patriarchate:
Adress: Jaffa Gate
Arabic Services: Sun. 09:00 in Beit Hanina Weekdays 07:00 except Thur. and Sat.18:00
Tel: +972-2-628-2023

Terra Sancta College
Adress: Keren Hayesod St. Kikar Tzarfat
English Services: Sun. 18:30
Latin Services: Everyday 07:00
Tel: +972-2-5639116

King of Kings Assembly
Adress: YMCA Auditorium 26 King David St.
English Servics: Sun. 16:00
Tel: +972-2-537-1508

Korean Presbyterian Church
Korean Services: Sat: 16:00 at St. Andrews Church
Tel: +972-2-582-7650

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
Adress: Muristan Rd. Old City
English Services: Sun. 09:00
Arabic Services: Sun. 09:00
German Services: Weekdays 10:30 Sat. 12:00
Danish Services: Sat. 17:00
Tel: +972-2-627-6111

Mt. Zion Fellowship (Pentecostal)
Adress: 13 Rageb Nashashibi St. Shecik Jarrah (near the British Consulate)
English Services: Fri. Sat. Sun. 10:30 19:00
Prayer Meeting: Mon.-Thurs. 14:00-15:00
Tel: +972-2-582-8964

Netherland Reformed Churches
Adress: 9/42 Moshe Sharett Blvd.
Dutch Services: Sun. 16:30
Tel: +972-2-643-3287

Notre Dame Catholic Center
Adress: New Gate, Old City
English Catholic Mass: Sun. 09:00 18:30 Weekdays 18:30
Tel: +972-2-627-9111

Ponitifical Biblical Institute
Adress: 3 Emile Botha St.
English Services: Roman Catholic Mass everyday 19:00
Tel: +972-2-625-2843

Romanian Orthodox Church
Adress: 46 Shivtei Israel.
Romanian Services: Sun 08:30 Weeekdays 07:00 Saturday 08:30
Vespers: Everyday 19:00
Tel: +972-2-6264628

Rosary Sisters
Adress: 14 Agron St.
Arabic Services: Sun, Sat: 07:30 weekdays: 07:00
Tel: +972-2-625-8529

Russian Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene
Adress: Close to Lions Gate, Old City
Russian Services: Sun 08:00
Vespers: 16:30 weekdays 06:00
Tel: +972-2-628-4371 Call to arrange meeting.

St. Claire Sisters Catholic Church
Adress: 1 Albek St.
French Services (Roman Catholic): everyday 07:00
Tel: +972-2-671-7534

Scottish Church of St. Andrew
Adress: 1 David Remez St. (near Cinemateque)
English Services: Sun. 10:00
Dutch Services: Sun. 16:30
Tel: +972-2-673-3401

Seventh Day Adventist Church
Adress: 4 Abraham Lincoln Street.
English Services: Sat. 09:30 Fri. 18:00
Tel: +972-2-625-1547

St. Georges Cathedral (Episcopal)
Adress: 20 Nablus Rd.
English Services: Sun. 08:00, 11:00, 18:00 Weekdays 07:30, 08:30, 18:00
Arabic Services: Sun. 09:30
Peace Prayers first Wed. of every month
Tel: +972-2-628-3261

St. Joseph Capuchin Friary
Adress: 18 Disraeli St. Talbieh.
Italian Services: Sun. 10:00 Call prior to arrival weekdays 07:00
Tel: +972-2-561-0817

St. Savior Parish Catholic Church
Adress: 1 St. Francis St., Old City
Latin and Arabic Services: Sun. 07:30, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00 Weekdays 06:30, 7:15, 08:00, 17:00
Tel: +972-2-628-2868

St. Stephen's Catholic Church
Adress: L'ecole Biblique 6 Nablus Rd.
French Services: Sun. 07:30, 11:30 Weekdays: 06:30, 12:00
Tel: +972-2-626-4468

Swedish Theological Institute
Adress: 58 Prophets St.
Swedish Services: First and third Sun. of every month 18:00
Tel: +972-2-625-3822

The Garden Tomb
Adress: Conrad Shick St.
English Services: Open air worship in front of empty tomb.
Tel: +972-2-627-2745

Via Dolorosa
Services held in many languages.
For more info contact the Christian Information Center from 08:30-13:00
Tel: +972-2-627-2692


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